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Travel: Bali in one day

Yup! I went all the way to Bali (not close to anything in the developing world) and only spent one day. Actually I was there for a conference 🙂 I was talking to my friend the other day who is about to move (yet again) to south-east Asia for work as I sit at home in -20 deg C weather (with windchill) and thought these photos of my trip would bring some sunshine into my world.Bali is known for many things, but top of the list are temples and rice paddies. The photo below was taken at the famous water or lake temple (tons of people around). I deliberately did not try to get the whole temple in the shot and thought it was more interesting with the water features.

The Water Temple

This was a large temple complex…which in close to 40 deg C temperatures is a daunting walk

The Long Walk in

However, this complex did give lots of lovely detailed features that make great photos. I find when taking detailed shots, getting a crisp, clear shot is best to show the detail. Also avoid harsh shadows. There were occasionally clouds which I waited for and saved both the shot and me. Also, I love just taking photos of colour. The moss green stairs had it all – colour, texture and detail

The complex temple shots were….well, complex. This temple complex has so many structures that it was hard to get a line of sight that was clear.

Temple Complex

And here are the ubiquitous rice paddies! Bali or Indonesia actually has several types of rice including red and black. Again, it was a complex, detailed shot and I didn’t quite get it right when you think of the lovely photos in travel catalogues, but you can get the idea with these.

Balinese Rice Fields with Water Bali Rice Fields


Lastly, Bali isn’t just about the temples and rice paddies. There are lush forests and waterfalls too!

Misty Waterfalls    Ancient ferns