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Travel in Perspective

I used to travel quite a bit. I won’t say “a lot”, because the more you do something, the more you find people that do way more than you. Like my friend who no longer has a permanent address. But during the course of my work and holidays, I got to go to a lot of interesting places and can give you a rundown on best airports to be stuck in.

It all started with my dream to go on a photography safari in Africa. That gave me the impetus to get the boatload of vaccine shots required. Once properly shot up, work asked me to go to South America and then back to Africa and I think there was somewhere else in between. Not to mention the initial foray into Georgia (ex-Republic, not state). But it was the vaccinations holding me back. I don’t like needles. Never have. And when the nurse, the NURSE, for heavens’ sake, says that the next one is going to be bad!!!!  I was expecting the old line about “you won’t feel a thing”, “it’s just like a pinprick for a second”…and, yes, I hate pinpricks too… but instead I get the equivalent of a general disclaimer from the medical personnel! If I hadn’t already had 6 other shots by then, I would have left. Lastly, if you think I’m exaggerating, the nurse closed the door so my whimpers wouldn’t upset the people in the waiting room.

So, there I was, a walking petri dish. I figured that I should get my suffering’s worth from the shots and went tons of places before they wore off. Eventually, I bought a bookshelf atlas to record all the places I was going. Not only did I make it to Africa and Brazil before the shots expired, there were short forays to Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, mainland China, all over Europe and Mexico.

Travel taught me the importance of packing light, slip on shoes, toilet paper, really good underwear and head lamps – in that order. It didn’t matter if it was for business or holiday, the process of travelling to another country/continent is a drag for me, unless I’m going business or first class. Although some airports are more interesting than others. There are those that love this process – the hustle and bustle of the airport, seeing who you might sit next to, getting served on the plane and watching movies. To me, so far, the adventures at the destination outweigh the adventures of the full body search at security. More to come….