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Happy Mother’s Day, Mom

Have I told you how much I love you, Mom? I’m sure I must have. Maybe not in so many words, although I’m sure I’ve said those 3 words to you many times. But I know I made you a ton of cards when I was younger with coloured paper and glue and macaroni pieces. Thankfully, you were spared the clay ashtrays from art class. As I got older, I graduated to store-bought cards, but rest assured that I read every single card in the store before I bought that one for you knowing you would read each word…out loud…before hugging me.

And then there were all those times we went shopping together once I got my driver’s license. I was amazed you trusted me to drive. I guess that was one of the ways you told me that you loved me. But it was great fun to go to the mall and then get a hot dog as our treat.

I remember too how you finally(!) let me pick out a winter coat for you. I knew you liked roomy comfiness, but really, there was a limit to that fashion. And just because you were short doesn’t mean that your sleeves had to reach your finger tips. I wore that winter coat this year – it was so much better than the one I picked out for myself. You were always great at that – picking out something nice for me to wear. Dad, bless his heart, just doesn’t consider that part of his job.

Everyday was mother’s day for us. Every hug was an I love you. Every meal shared was special. So this weekend, I strung some coloured dragonfly lights around your grave (don’t worry, Dad will fix them) and Andrew put fresh flowers in the vase because you loved pretty flowers and you loved the light. And then we all went out for a family dinner.

I love you, mom and I always will.