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Post-Christmas Gift-Giving Guide

Here’s how gift giving should work:

Person A gives gift to Person B

Person B says thank you(!) – exclamation optional depending on gift

the end



On the Wonderful-ness of little white boxes and ribbons

I don’t do elaborate and fancy dinners or parties for my birthday anymore for a lot of different reasons. Just a few presents from close family and a nice family dinner. But I have a friend who always remembers and brings me a box of gorgeous mini-cupcakes from Life is Sweet. The sight of the white bakery box wrapped in red checkered ribbon always makes my eyes light up and puts a little spring in my step.

You see, the family dinner and birthday cards rolling in from extended family and friends around the world are slow pleasures. They draw out my birthday and make it seem like a month long celebration. And the “happy birthday”s on facebook are little happy blips in that, letting me know that my FB friends liked me enough to take a minute and wish me happy birthday when FB reminded them.

But that little white box is different! Just a glimpse of the box when my friend gets out of the car means my heart lifts because someone remembered me and went out of her way to get me something. And makes me grin because if you can’t smile at cupcakes, then you need therapy, and it’s cupcakes not a knick-knack or something I may or may not want/have a place for/know how to use or have to dust. And the simplicity is lovely – clean lines, crisp bow. Because it gives me choice among the dozen flavours where whatever I chose is the right choice. And because they are pretty cupcakes, but not too pretty to eat (whatever that is).

So the next time you want to send someone a complicated, complex, profound message – do it with cupcakes.

Yes! It’s a little white bakery box with a bow! Only good things can be inside!

Couldn’t get the bow undone, used scissors! Is that assorted I see?!

Sooo pretty, and yummy…..Started with the mmhn mint chocolate chip, but mmnnh the caramel looks mmsh good too