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Into a Flower

This could be one of any number of flowers, anywhere in the world. That’s not the point in macro photography. The point is to look at things from a different point of view. When was the last time you looked a flower this closely? To see that the pollen is powder. To see the delicate almost translucency of the innermost petals. The texture of the stamens and pistils? I like this photo because the details are so compelling that there is something different to notice everytime I look at it. But it’s just a flower.



A Travel blog hidden as a Camera review

The nice thing about a camera that you can lose in most women’s purses is that you can carry it everywhere! Not only did I go snorkelling with it, I just went photo happy.

The zoom is really quite serviceable for a pocket camera. 5x zoom gets you just that bit closer.

Far away

The zoom is not bad for such a small camera

The zoom is not bad for such a small camera


However, I don’t JUST take photos of animals.  Tried some photography in more of a dusk setting:

A hibiscus of a different colour

And then went really macro, but this colour was so technicolour that I’m not sure if the camera could handle it:

Technicolour hibiscus


And also tried it out on landscapes. Colour rendering is good here in mixed light and the bright sunshine of the beach without being contrasty. (Does it sound like I know what I’m doing when I use words like “contrasty”?)

Buildings at an abandoned sheep shearing station

Buildings at an abandoned sheep shearing station

Bright, sunshiny day


Lastly, one of the only “action” shots I took in Hawaii and it held up pretty decently:

Along with the butt shots of animals, the requisite "photo from a moving car"

Along with the butt shots of animals, the requisite “photo from a moving car”


So, in conclusion, the Sony DSC-TX30 is a very versatile camera for a wide range of shots.  A lot of what I took is certainly suitable to frame and put on your wall, to gain some “oohs” and “aahs” as a computer wallpaper and to vividly bring your vacation back to life!




30 Days of Beauty – day 27

MMMMMM, something smells nice!  I have this sugar body scrub that has all sorts of moisturizing oils in it.  The base is brown sugar and the smells are of a lovely, sweet, fresh flower. It’s like you are walking in the meadow.  I don’t know why I never noticed how beautiful a smell can be before.

What have you not been noticing?

30 Days of Beauty: An exercise in writing and recognizing the things that make my soul giggle and sing.