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May cause serious drooling

WARNING!!! May cause serious drooling! If you can gain weight by visual aids, stop reading now. WARNING!!!

It’s the Jamaican part of me that screams for full fat cream and whole milk rather than sweet. Hence my favourite desserts from my last trip to Europe all involve cream of some sort. The first, on one of our first nights in Florence was the Tiramisu at a highly rated restaurant (Al Tramvai). It’s a pretty standard Italian dessert so it was a good gauge of the restaurant. I nearly licked the plate clean. It had just the right balance of cream to chocolate to whatever they soaked the lady fingers in…


My friend had the Panna Cotta. I’ve never successfully made this dessert, but just reading the recipe makes my mouth water. This one lived up to it’s name. It shone in its simplicity. Please excuse the slight blurriness of the photo – I had just taken a bit of my tiramisu.


However, the surprise was the gelato in Munich. Below was my “light” choice of a crepe with amaretto biscuits, vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. The crepe was warm, the ice cream cold, the biscuits just slightly warm and soft enough to not crunch. Oh and whipping (chantilly) cream


And to show what I meant by “light” dessert – see what everyone else had!


Parting thought from Florence – with window displays like these – why wouldn’t you go??


Speical thanks to mango.shenanigans for reminding of the pleasures of food photography!