Monthly Archives: June 2015

Still In the Garden

This is yet another scene from Korakuen gardens. It is meant to recreate the rice paddies (the green you see are iris leaves!).  I like the shot because of the flow of the wisteria over the bent lines of the “rice paddies”.  That and the pale lavendar colour over the bright vivid green. No photoshopping necessary when you take time with the shot!



Into a Flower

This could be one of any number of flowers, anywhere in the world. That’s not the point in macro photography. The point is to look at things from a different point of view. When was the last time you looked a flower this closely? To see that the pollen is powder. To see the delicate almost translucency of the innermost petals. The texture of the stamens and pistils? I like this photo because the details are so compelling that there is something different to notice everytime I look at it. But it’s just a flower.


Stream crossing


I like this photo….just because.  In some cases, photos are enjoyable or noteceable because of what their subject matter. Personally, I couldn’t get the best angle I wanted to, but I did get the sun dappling over these large, lovely smooth boulders which were the stepping stones over the shallow stream in the park. I thought the use of the stones gave the stream a wonderful fairy tale setting!