Letters to Strangers: the impatient bus driver

Dear Mr. Bus Driver, why didn’t you wait for us? We were right at your door after having run for half a block and had time to take a breath or two before you drove off. In fact if there hadn’t been a curb, you would have run over our feet as you pulled away. Perhaps there is an operational rule entitled “when you can wait for passengers and when you can’t?”  Perhaps you had to hurry to meet your replacement driver as you were going off shift?  or maybe you had just had enough of people running to jump on your bus.

I do know that there was another bus coming up not far behind you, but my aunt was running for you so I couldn’t just leave her, could I?  Plus I had no idea where I was going so I kinda had to keep up with her.

Anyway, I hope to catch you again,



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