Do you know what’s in your closet?

It may not be monsters, but the state of your closet might be approaching monstrous!

You know the phrase “silent cry for help”? Well, my wardrobe was crying for help and not all that silently. Added to the fact that I certainly don’t shy away from asking for help and Kylie and Johnathan enter the picture. A friend had already worked with them to shop smarter (not harder) and recommended them to me. I needed more than that. Kylie patiently answered all my questions and we determined that I needed the whole enchilada. I started with their “closet clean out” to test them out; liked them so much we proceded to the shopping expedition and finished up with a lesson in outfits. Let’s break this down.

The Closet Clean Out.  I thought I was doing pretty ok with keeping my closet wearable. I have a small closet (condo living!) so if I bought anything new, I had to be sure I would wear it multiple times and something had to come out of a pretty packed closet. But all my main pieces were getting well loved and more than once a week, I’d find myself staring into my closet for 5 to 10 minutes without a clue what to wear. Kylie and Johnathan came over for 3 hours (yup, THREE hours) and went through most of my closet (did I mention it was pretty packed?). They critiqued every piece  for wearability (how many situations did it work for), age (yes, when there is more white fuzz than black on a black sweater, it’s probably time to go), fit (who knew there was so much to check around the arm holes?) and finally, suitability on me (did it showcase me to the finest – whatever that meant to me). When they were done, even with the pieces I kept for sentimental reasons, I had loads of room in my closet – perfect!
What I Liked About This: K&J didn’t critique for “style” or “fashion”. It was all about what the piece did for me and my body shape and lifestyle!
What You Need To Know: Go in with an open mind and tons of energy. You will do more wardrobe changes than a female host at the Oscars.

The Shopping Trip. So, the dreaded mall. Let’s face it people, even if you like shopping, purposefully going from store to store to store to store trying on things that continually fail to fit/look or feel good/fall within your budget without anyone getting you another size or colour is not everyone’s idea of fun (actually, I’ve only ever found one person who thought it was fun). Shopping with K&J actually approached fun for me. Sure, I had to see the inside of more dressing rooms than I ever wanted to, but I had instant feedback, experts to check fit instead of me doing sit-ups and squats and craning my neck to see if the trousers shaped my butt or made it look like a saggy elephant, someone to get me more sizes, styles and colours, AND someone to tell me it was ok to say “no” if it wasn’t perfect. If nothing fit, I’m sure that K&J would have been happier if I bought nothing than something that was just “ok”.
What I Liked About This: In 2 hours, I got more effective shopping done without even online pre-viewing than I ever have before.
What You Need To Know: see the closet clean out above

The Outfit Lesson. Now I had a bunch of “old” stuff and a bunch of “new” stuff and would stand in front of the closet wanting to wear a top and not sure what bottom would go with it.  Sound familiar? Did you ever keep putting the same two items together again and again AND AGAIN? K&J came back over and this time it was about pairing things together. They taught me how to blend patterns and colours – what works and what doesn’t – how jewellry will work with, against or just not work altogether. Even if you know what you like and how to wear it, it is great to get a new perspective from people that do this all day long!
What I Liked About This: They take notes and type them up for you!
What You Need To Know: Try it on before you say you don’t like it – you might be surprised!

The Result: I actually know what looks good on me and why!

Bottom line is that when you are a busy person and/or on a budget, your wardrobe can sometimes take second place (or third or fourth) in your mind. Could you do all of the above yourself? Maybe, with a ton of google searching. But if you think about how clothes can make a difference in how you feel and carry yourself, you start to realise what a great tool they can be no matter what message you want to send. If it’s that important, why not call in the experts?


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