Other amazing things from the Vancouver Aquarium

Pink Anemones – really, do I need to say anything more? Strawberry pink living animals, people!!

Pink Anenomes

I’ve loved rays ever since I went nighttime snorkelling to see the giant kona rays, but never expected to see one looking so swanky!

Polka dot rays


I always knew sturgeon could be really big, but this guy was longer than my dad was tall!  And he just hung there in the gloom – really spooky.  And this is why I only snorkel close to shore.

Really big fish

See the yellow fish in the photo below?  See the rest of his friends hanging motionless in the reeds?  I’m not even sure how they breathe because you coldn’t even really see their gills move.  They did a convincing job of playing possum (almost like the goldfish in my Dad’s fish tank that I swear is dead half the time)

Possum fish

And if you thought the strawberry pink anemones were out of this world….here are the lime green ones 🙂  It’s a good thing they weren’t in the same tank – can you imagine the colour clash???

Black, Orange and Green

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