What my horse has taught me

Quick post today! As I am spending so much time with my horse, I thought I’d share some of his wisdom….

  1. Eat dessert first….why not? It just tastes better.
  2. Dig deep to find the good stuff….this would explain why he moves ALL his hay from one corner to all other corners and eats the stuff on the bottom
  3. Be polite…if everyone else is running like an idiot, join in, even if you don’t quite know why or if you really want to
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want…he tries to walk out his open door and see how far he gets before someone puts him back inside
  5. Conserve energy…no unnecessary movements are needed, walk rather than trot, trot rather than canter, stand still when possible
  6. Always present your best side…you never know when furry cuteness will pay off in dessert (see lesson #1)



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