My Wallpaper is my Mood Ring

Ever have “one of those days” at work? yup, c’mon, raise your hand, you know you do! A day when you really, really, really want to tell that annoying person where to go? Except that there are laws against that?  Or one of those days that you just can’t seem to do anything right, but it’s only 9am and you can’t go home yet?  In either case, to save me a trip to human resources, I change my computer wallpaper. One of my colleagues knows me so well, that he looks at my wallpaper to judge my mode.  If it’s a photo of zebras kicking another zebra in the face, he laughs and treads lightly. If it’s a landscape photo, all is probably good (unless it’s volcanoes). Once I think I had a lion kill photo (thank you National Geographic photography) and he just sat very quietly at his computer so he wouldn’t attract my attention. If someone is being a real idiot, it’s the penguin butt photo (from Guardian’s week in wildlife – and it was actually a frontal shot).

And when it’s a really bad day and it’s noone’s fault but the universe, I’m in need of a little cute and fuzzy. That’s when I discovered this blog about the cutest kitten in the world. Not only is she adorable (everyone in the office went “awwwww”), the photography is really nice too – crisp and clean.

However, once in awhile, everything is right in the world and I can put up some photos that sooth the soul and inspire. That’s how I found this blog on fine art dog photos and eventually, this photographer. I had the Puli (rasta dog!!!) on my computer for days! (really long time for me) because I love motion shots and this dog was great (still trying to find out how they did that one).  And then had the dog (schnauzer or poodle?) clipped like a skeleton up there for awhile too.  And for those of you who are about to complain that it was a cruel thing to do to a dog or that animals are beautiful in their natural state has never been in a barn to contemplate how to clip the hair on a horse’s butt so there is a little heart in it (just set the clippers a little longer or shorter). (p.s. “clipping” = shaving with an industrial size men’s clippers).

I love Tim Flach’s photos of equines and plan on trying some of them as soon as winter is over!!!!


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