Best pieces of yoga advice

  1. Your toes are just accessories, you don’t actually need them (balancing, finding your centre, avoiding windmilling your arms when in tree pose)
  2. It’s YOUR practice, do what feels organic (I’m sorry, there is nothing organic about some of these poses (king pigeon pose??), but I take your point – wiggle it if it feels good)
  3. Do not let go of the rope (otherwise things go bump and it hurts)
  4. Look at your nose, not your neighbour (especially if you have neck issues)
  5. Look at your toes, not your neighbour (you can cause temporary paralysis or at the very least, it really hurts)
  6. Wear comfortable, loose clothing, but not too loose cuz you spend a lot of time in downward dog

(and you thought yoga was for wimps!)




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