As a kid, I wanted to be wonder woman or an archeologist. For some reason, digging up old bones was so cool to me. Then I discovered how poor archeologist (or more correctly paleontologists) were – or worse, how much time the spent applying for grant money!  But I still enjoy a good dinosaur exhibit and the one currently at the Royal Ontario Museum is quite good. Not only did they manage to make it adult AND kid friendly, they did it with all the same things.  So, you don’t have lofty academic explanations that read like a textbook “….and something-something-saurus was a nocturnally active carnivore whose bipedal structure enabled enhanced visual capacity ….” (yes, I just made that up) next to brightly coloured, low to the ground for the ankle biters, big letter signs saying things like “som-thin-saw-rus liked to eat nuts and berries” (note, this is a different something saurus than the adults were reading about).

No, really, the ROM exhibit was both informative and entertaining and in such as way that the line up of Cretaceous, Jurassic and Triassic actually made sense. The information signs were digestible and to the point, the interactive screens actually worked and didn’t lock you into a 5 minute video! And the screens where dinosaurs reacted to you moving (can we say xbox?) were neat!

It’s on until March 17th (oops, should have posted this earlier) and here are some teaser photos:

T-Rex, I believe? Small Dinosaur T-Rex rival


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