Spring is coming! Spring is coming!

That MUST be why my horse is shedding like crazy. Oh the joys of owning a horse. Not only does he masquerade as a llama with a big bushy mane and fuzzy neck just like in this picture; he insists on losing all the hair on the rest of his body in the middle of winter. So, all I can think is that he knows something I don’t and spring is coming.

Larry's unwanted hair

In the meantime, I am his shedding support. I stand ready with implements to hasten the process before we all drown in his hair (this is the amount of hair on a good day).Larry, his hairy blanket and pile of hair If it were clean (he hasn’t had a bath since fall last year), I would collect it and make yarn. If it were any dirtier, I’d worry about what I was ingesting everytime I breathe in while grooming him.

It will be over soon though, and until then, I have his undying gratitude for the extra tummy rubs (yes, he’s shedding there too).

In the meantime, he’s not the only one who’s furry at the barn.

Another Hairy Barn Creature


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