Punalu’u – the Black (as pitch) beach

Travel suggestion #1: keep your guide books even if they are heavy, out of date and you think you will never need them again. Because if I kept mine, I’d be sure that I got the right name of this beach!! I’ve seen black sand beaches before. I’ve even taken some of the sand home (this was way before tourism was rife and we thought about preservation). But I’ve never seen sand that was so black it seemed to suck in the light (sorry about the rain drop on the lens). This sand was truly black and the contrast was incredible.

Green and black

The only thing that saved the pictures was that it was an overcast day (hence the raindrop) and there wasn’t super bright sunlight out. However, the cameras had a really hard time coping with the range of exposures needed. In the images below, one is with the camera’s automatic settings (first photo below) and then I had to underexpose to try and get the true blackness (second photo below)Even with my tan2

Even with my tan


However, we really came for the turtles. They often like to sun themselves on this beach plus the beach itself is just off the road – the most accessible one ever and just 5 minutes from the well known Punalu’u bakery!  Alas! no turtles on this cloudy day, but plenty of the stuff they like to eat:

Turtle food!  To be honest, the beach itself is very beautiful even without turtles and the surf made for great photos! Here comes the wave!


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