Hawaii: Beaches first post

allright, allright. Enough with the posts about restaurants and trees and other stuff, I know you came for the BEACH! In total, we visited SIX beaches and swam at 2. If you are impatient for the punchline, here it is:

  1. Snorkeling beach – great on fish, lifeguards, turtles, facilities. Low on waterfront acreage. Biggest shaved ice I ever saw.
  2. Kukio beach – oh my, oh my, oh my….this is the perfect swimming pool, I mean beach. Turtles and showers included.
  3. Wawaloli beach – striking, really striking – no way I’m going in that water!
  4. Green Sand beach 1 (Papakolea) – never seen anything like it and the jeep ride was a rock ‘n roll bonus
  5. Green Sand beach 2 (Papakolea) – awwww, what a gem…a really, tiny itsy bitsy gem
  6. Black Sand beach near the road (Punalu’u) – damn it! my camera can’t compensate for this much contrast!

There are beaches and there are beaches. The Big Island has them all. Some you can’t help but want to dive right in, others are more primal and raw. Each was unique and completely different. A beach’s character came from so many things – the emotion of the water, the sand and shade, the facilities and for some, it was the journey AND destination.

Here are some snapshots to tide you over until I write individual posts!  (Can you match the photo to the beaches? hint: 2 are missing and if you can’t get the #6 then I’m really doing something wrong)


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