Drat, that was a mosquito

Fair warning: there isn’t anything about mosquitoes in this post – it was just a great title to follow up from the previous post about Akaka State Park. Also, please click on the photos in this post to see them properly.

I couldn’t fit all my tree photos in that last blog, so here they are! I think I might have a tree fetish, but I still haven’t figured out the best way to photograph them. One thing I had this trip was my Dad’s new Nikon camera that let me do wonderful panoramic shots of the canopy and really tall trees!

This photo to the right really shows the vines (perhaps a banyan tree in the maing?) that were literally dripping off the trees in the forest.  The pathway was so close to everything and the foliage was so dense in most areas that it would be almost impossible to capture this even with the best wide-angle lens. You can see in the photo below showing a look back at the beginning of the walk that after this, the flora closes in on you.

However, not only were the trees impressive, the canopy overhead was out of a fairytale. I, unfortunately, could not identify the types of trees (I’m only good when they are in bloom or if they’re typical North America or London, UK trees and my Uncle P is good for Jamaican trees – I can spot a birch at way more than 20 paces), but the leaves created a lacy effect against the late afternoon sky.

And just to round things off, here’s a shot of the ground level view with huge ferns in the foreground and just the trunks of the tall trees in the background.


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