Second Hawaii Goal – See Waterfalls

I’m a sucker for a waterfall – I have no idea why. So, other than snorkelling, I had to see at least one good one while I was on the Big Island. Turns out that I was on the wrong side of the island. Good thing it wasn’t that big of an island. There are 3 or 4 waterfalls on the Hilo side that are all relatively close together so we could do a road trip and hit them one after the other. The plan was: Rainbow Falls, then Boiling Pots, then Pe’epe’e Falls, then Wai’ale Falls and lastly, Akaka Falls.

Travel tip #54: the weather affects things other than whether it’s raining

Case in point: no rain, no waterfalls. Drat!!  Rainbow falls weren’t falling – didn’t even take a photo. Boiling Pots were barely simmering.

Pe’epe’e Falls were a slender ghost of themselves (in the background of the Boiling Pots) and Wai’ale Falls were almost non-existent.  All of these were connected by the same river system with Wai’ale being the furthest upstream.

So, we headed to Akaka Falls which was in a different direction out of Hilo. While they too looked like they had been on a diet, they were still impressive with the long (over 400 ft/120 m) drop to the pool below.

There was even enough water here that Akaka had a little brother to one side

Next post….the rainforest around Akaka…..


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