How to enjoy a holiday in Hawaii

pfft! You’ve got to be kidding, right? Why would ANYONE need a blog post on this topic??


  • arrive in Hawaii
  • enjoy

Ok, so a couple caveats:

  • don’t sweat the tsunami, but do follow the evacuation instructions
  • there are no sea snakes in Hawaii, but the snake eel you just saw still has teeth
  • take both sunscreen and after-sun care (preferably aloe with lidocaine)
  • 11 foot wingspan manta rays don’t have teeth, but are really, really big
  • the volcano looks pretty until it erupts (learn how to read the seismograph)

Yes, my vacation had it all!!!  I’m still sorting through the photos, but will start posting really, really, really soon (as soon as the sunburn cools down – ow!)
Ok, ok, one photo to tease you:


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