Travel: Africa animals, lions, tigers, bears!

Ok, so I stole the line from the Wizard of Oz and there really weren’t tigers or bears, but you get the idea. There we were, our first day in the Serengeti. I had not yet learned the trick of peeing behind cars with strangers as we drove past an acacia forest. Having a past interest in the relationship between the acacia tree and ants, I asked the driver if we could get out and look at them. All 3 of us were shocked for about a millisecond when the driver said sure! And then we surged to the door beside me (it was the only one working). No sooner than the last of us put foot outside on the ground than we heard the driver say “Leave the door open in case the lions come”. No matter how calmly he said it, we all came to a dead stop and started scanning the horizon (as if we would be able to see them sneaking up on us!).  Not to fear however, all the lions we met were from the safety of our jeep with the top off and the windows down (gulp!). Lions are basically lazy cats. There was only one time we saw them moving and that was a lioness moving away from a kill with her cubs in the EARLY morning. (Safari tip 78: be prepared to wake up early to see the good stuff – if you want to sleep in, go to the beach.) The lions knew that we were no threat really. Staring at one who just didn’t care if you were there puts you in your place! Enjoy these photos…..

These cubs were no more than a couple months old. So very cute.

Our jeep had a window in the top that we could stand on the seats and look through the roof, but for this, I think I had my window down and was sitting in my seat. Probably not the best idea.

The Lionesses (there were 3) were all very relaxed with us no more than 20 feet away

Mmmmmm, milk


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