Just because they are so cute

Larry is one of the cutest horses in the barn, but this is the most interesting shot when he’s in his stall and that’s not saying much!

I already posted about the barn kittens (see post here), so really this post is a review about better photography techniques for small, fast moving, furry creatures – at least that’s what I keep telling myself. The truth is, cats are often more photogenic than horses in a stall. There’s not much to a horse in a stall – they eat, they poop and sometimes they stick their heads out – more on that another time.

Bear’s (relatively) big head. There is no good angle for Bear. In the 10 years I’ve been photographing him, I still haven’t found it!

Cats, however, they play, they hunt, they don’t trample you when getting really close with a camera….so many more advantages! It doesn’t mean that you can just snap away and expect to come up with a good shot. And it doesn’t mean that every cat fits the bill. Take Claws (aka Bear) for example. He is the “it” cat. He’s at least 12 or 13 years old (ancient for a barn cat) and everyone does what he wants – he’s so cool, it’s hot. But he’s a horrible subject. He holds his head down all the time and it’s a little too large for his body so all his pictures come out looking kind of …. odd. (Sorry, Bear, you’re still my fave).

However, both Ally and Carson were cooperating with me on this day and they thought that hanging (literally) around was fun to do; allowing me to get under them to get these shots. Ally just sort of hung there on the fence doing her best impression of a kitchen towel drying….with fur. Carson found his tail and succeeded in catching in (well done, Carson!)

Ally doing her best dishrag impression

Carson’s tail is his fuzziest part so you may have to look closely to tell the difference between his paws and his tail.

The combination of their antics and the frequent pauses to look at something helped me get these shots. They are still kittens (almost 1 now) so they still move pretty fast. And unless you’re in full daytime sunlight or the equivalent indoors, getting the shot can be tricky. The shot taken indoors under fluorescent lights is not my finest moment but it would have been so cute. The shot outdoors is better as it allowed me to get Carson’s head in focus even if his paw descending rapidly on his sister’s head was too speedy for the twilight shot.

If I had gotten Simon’s head in focus it would be ok, but really, I had no idea he was so industrious in his cleaning. Maybe Carson really needed a bath?

Brotherly love

However, all good things come to an end and I just got this last action shot before the cats went off for their evening hunt.


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