Love London, Love London Not

Ever play that game where you pick petals off of flowers and each one is a vote for or a vote against and wherever you end up, that’s what you have decided? no? well, maybe it was just me. My years in London showed me it was a city you either loved or hated, but noone was indifferent to it. My first taste was in a cold drizzle in Kensington and roast chicken and salad in a bag from Waitrose. Sure, everyone in North America has salad in bag now, but back then, this was a brilliant improvement!

Here’s a listing of the things I loved about London (that I can remember right now):

  • Neighbourhoods – distinct characters, various offerings, fascinating rhythms
  • Restaurants – when you find a good one, it’s pretty good
  • Museums – whatever you want to see, there’s a museum for that
  • Stuff – you want it, someone will have it!
  • Cool places to hang – coffee shops, wine bars, tea places, high tea places, underground clubs
  • Transit – the same air since WWII in the tunnels

And here’s a listing of things we all loved to complain about:

  • Internet service providers – all of them
  • Estate agents – all of them
  • Transit – the same air since WWII in the tunnels
  • Tourists – they just don’t walk at the same pace
  • Restaurants – it’s hard to find a good one!

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