Review: Maroon 5’s Overexposed

My review: I like it! What do I know about music? Nothing authoritative let me warn you. Although if umpteen years in the Royal Conservatory system hasn’t taught me scales by now, nothing will. So, let me tell you why I like this album, because my feelings about it is all I can really stand on.

The tunes are interesting – they have a great melodic line with some cool supporting beats and harmonies. There are some nice instrumental flourishes that add the finishing touches to the songs. They definitely make me want to bop my head and tap my toes even at work in my open office layout. And there is a nice variety in the mix – unlike some albums where after the 4th song you can’t tell them apart or other albums where it sounds like the group couldn’t decide on any sort of theme and just threw everything in.  More than one song is repeatable – I can listen to it a few times in a short period of time and don’t feel like I need to change the channel.

Adam Levine’s vocals are polished – not just the technical bits which he does so well, but his delivery is solid and genuine. I can’t sing along with him (not unless and even if I end up taking those singing lessons at some point in the future), but it doesn’t matter. I was particularly impressed with his rendition of “Kiss” and “Sad”. “Kiss” because on the rare occasion I’ve heard him sing an older song, he hasn’t come across as owning it or being fully immersed in it. This time, the older versions of the song faded away and it sounds like he’s invested in it. “Sad” because his slow ballads also haven’t come across with the depth and texture to his voice that I like in a slower tempo – this time, it comes across like he really feels it and it shows. Either that or he’s a brilliant technician and he sells it. Either way, I loved it.

Last comment – the whole thing makes me smile and when art evokes a feeling, that’s enough.


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