Barn cuteness

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted something that makes me want to go “awwwww!”. Let me introduce you to Ally and Carson – two kittens who were born at the barn this year from yet another orange cat that found a home there. Both are still kittens, despite their size and they are still playful; pouncing on anyone and everything. I can’t attest to how bright they are as they do tend to chase at nothing from time to time! They are learning how to be barn cats and catch mice and voles, etc and here is Ally sharpening her claws on the fence!

And here she is, perhaps peering at a mouse below?

But Carson takes the cake for being the most flexible, laid back cat. Here he is nestled into the grass. But don’t let appearances deceive you. You can flip him over and he will just dangle there, perfectly content to hang in mid-air. I think he purrs sometimes too. oh, and he’s not just furry, he’s fat too!


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