Book: The Water Rat of Wanchai

Here’s something new – a book review when I’m not finished reading the book yet! It’s sort of like a travel blog as you’re travelling. I’ve been wanting to read this book forever, but it was over my price point (if I didn’t have a price point, I’d buy a LOT more books). When kobo FINALLY gave me a certificate I could use, I went crazy (just a little). If you haven’t heard about this series by Ian Hamilton yet, where the heck have you been??? First, it’s about a forensic accountant, and, yes, that’s as exciting as it sounds. However, the main character is not your usual forensic accountant – she’s more of a troublershooter-mercenary type of girl. I’m on chapter 13 (they are short chapters) and she has yet to bring her martial arts to bear, but you can just imagine her frightening competency that would send most people scurrying away. I mean, how many accountants do you know that use a rolodex to organise international sim cards and have alias at the tips of their fingers?

Another attraction for me are the settings for the story. Ava Lee lives in Toronto (as do I) and it’s always fun to read how fiction authors describe a place you know really well. She also travels to Hong Kong (been there) and then onto Bangkok (didn’t make it there) and I believe Guyana (have friends from there) is in her future. Ian Hamilton does a pretty good job of capturing the essence of the places without a lot of tedious detail.

One thing in the last couple of chapters that have emerged is that Ava Lee is a lesbian. Now, whenever sexual preference is highlighted in a book that is not a romance, I wonder if it is there for the plot or if it is a poorly constructed character development – one step up from a shopping list of the character’s physical attributes. Only the next few chapters will tell!

So far….I want to keep reading.


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