Travel: West Ireland

There is a place called Fahamore on a little tip of Ireland that smells of the salt from Brandon Bay and the green of County Kerry. You wouldn’t really know it unless you were looking diligently for a little heaven on earth. It’s a tiny place with a famous pub Spillane’s (and of all the places to meet a fellow Canadian who recognized my accent, really!). There isn’t anything but sea, sky and land – you have to go elsewhere to even find a movie theatre (or seaweed baths in Ballybunnion), but the views of the fishermen at the dock are quite satisfying 🙂 You can rent a house amid the horses and fields and bikes from the pub. Not far away, there is a lovely quiet bay to learn kayaking and another bay for wind and kite surfing. It’s the type of place you can go for a bike ride at 10 pm in the summer twilight or a horse back ride over the dunes and sandy beach.

He's a stallion!


And a wee red car




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