Lonely? Want to meet people? Work in Climate Change (Adventures – 2)

Raise your hand if you know what a climate change-r does? Is that a word? My friend, when asked what he did, used to say “I save the world, and you?” – mostly because it is easier to describe what an astrophysicist does than a climate change-person. I don’t think he says that anymore, because we’re not certain that what we did saved the world. It tried to, but the results are inconclusive.

One aspect of joining this indescrible field was meeting people. When I started, it was all on the job learning. My boss was a political scientist, my senior colleague was a biologist, and I hired an environmental scientist. The centre of the carbon markets was London at that time (we’ve since learned that the world is round) and a more rabid cosmopolitan city there never was. When I moved there to a tiny little firm, the office was filled with investment people, shark-tagging biologist, a former bar owner, traders, linguists, musicians and a lawyer. Tell me you couldn’t have fun at work with that mix!

If we weren’t discussing the latest art exhibit, we were trading travel tips or flying remote control helicopters around the room. There was lively discussion about living in London and real estate, of course. Our offsite meetings were hilarious – setting up the guys for a wax job at the spa or stealing each other’s cars or jumping into the freezing Celtic sea in underwear or trying to take compromising photos.

But they were all smart and well-travelled. If you only knew 2 languages, you were backwards (I know 1+0.75+0.10+0.05). Mostly, we all learned on the job and made things up as we went along – some worked and some didn’t, but I learned from each one. It was one of the most dynamic places I’ve ever worked. Maybe because of all our backgrounds, we approached working in a team from a more open, accepting point of view. We knew each of us was different so we made allowances and learned to deal. May you find as dynamic a work place as I did.


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