Paris one of many posts to come

I was going to number these posts, like “Paris-1”, but to be honest, keeping track of them is going to be a pain, so I’ll have to think of wittier titles going forward. I was visiting Paris mainly because I had a friend living there so I didn’t have to pay for a hotel and because I really wanted to go to Fauchon.  More on that in a different post. What I found when I got there was that my friend loved to walk. He walked everywhere in the city. EV-VER-RY-WHERE. Which meant I had super sore feet, but managed to get these two shots which I loved:

This first one is just as we walking over one of the bridges and I glimpsed the Eifel tower lit up in the distance.


This one was from earlier in the evening and I thought the water moving over the stone was lovely and smooth


And my friend had saved this for when I got there – his apartment was a short walk away from this view! I got it in the mist, but frankly, what’s Paris without a little atmosphere?

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