I won! I won!

I love winning! And when it’s something as fun as “The Versitile Blogger’s Award” it’s so much better! Thanks to What Jane Read Next, I’m a winner! If you found me because of my reviews, you have to check out What Jane Read Next – here’s a girl that knows how to give a good review (and thank you so much for my award!)



Ok, so to follow the rules here:

  • Thank the person who nominated me (see above – check)
  • Include a link to their blog (see above – check)
  • Pick 15 bloggers to nominate (oh boy, 15? I’ll do my best, but I really don’t get out much – see list below)
  • Tell 7 things about myself (also below)

I nominate…..(drum roll, please!)

  • PhotoBotos.com – gorgeous, gorgeous photos!!  (Need I really say more?) And anyone who posts everyday has my admiration! (ok, maybe just a little more)
  • In Search of Perfect – for the title alone you should check this out
  • Bibliopirate – one of the first bloggers who found me – and, boy! does he do reviews!!!
  • Sugar and Cloth – can’t even remember how I found this one – but it satisfies the homemaker in me.
  • Everything Neat – more lovely photos!
  • Go Guilty Pleasures – I think she got me with a blog about lists, but it’s been so long! I don’t always understand all the blogs, but they make me smile
  • Blair Emily – for thinking
  • Speaking in pictures, Hearing in words – for a stream of consciousness that makes me giggle
  • EyeSeePretty – because she does!

(sorry I don’t follow 15 blogs yet! These will have to do for now. Rules, schmules, anyway)

7 Things About Me.

  1. I’m Chinese-Jamaican or Jamaican-Chinese – the community really can’t decide this one. Essentially, it means that I’m in love with family and food, but don’t really expect anything to be on time.
  2. I’m obsessed with Maroon 5 and Adam Levine (allright, actually, MANY people know this about me – not a secret). Their music got me through a bad time in my life so they are on my Christmas card list forever….if I knew how to get a card to them. (Plus, based on Mr. Levine’s bio, he and I would get along famously!)
  3. I was once taped to a wall for a contest. Ok, this was one of my best conversation starters and now it’s out in the open.
  4. I was once used as a human baton. This was my second best conversational pieces. Sigh, I’m giving everything away.
  5. I love trees and the green of the west coast of Canada. Stick me next to a bunch of fir trees with the salt water spray from the ocean and I’m a happy girl.
  6. I can’t commit to dining room chairs. I have the table. Can’t decide on the chairs. That could just be a function of my budget though.
  7. Oh thank the sweet baby Jesus, this is the last one – I’m totally eclectic in my tastes, interests and choices. Example: on my ipad (love tech) I am reading a book on nanotechnology and one on “how to flirt with a naked werewolf”

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