Rough road ahead. Remove dentures.

I couldn’t make up something like the title of this post. I believe it came from a collection of real road signs in South Africa. My last photo post of lions reminded me of my safari trip! It was a short 4 day, 3 night trip into the Serengeti ending in Ngorogoro crater all on the Tanzania side. I had no idea what to expect and frankly, except for my bottle of bug spray was pretty poorly prepared. However, I would do it all again. But the next time, I would remember to take proper support (ladies: get a good sports bra). SAFARI TIP #1 It does not matter that you have been an “A” all your life – get the maximum support. The roads look deceptively smooth and you’re in a proper vehicle, but OMG, seriously, go for the full support and keep your mouth closed!

I know there are safaris on horseback and would love to do one of those one day, but you can cover so much more distance in the jeep plus lug all of your gear. However, you do then tend to spend the entire time out in the car. SAFARI TIP #2 This necessitates learning the life-saving skill of multi-tasking (guys you do have an advantage here since you can stay standing). I quickly learnt how to pee out in the open with company, while simultaneously looking for snakes, spiders and lions (or other carnivores). The location you chose was also strategic – gravity makes liquids flow downhill. And lastly, ladies, consider wearing skirts. You all may be laughing now, but if haven’t mastered this out in the middle of nowhere with only your friends around, you wait until dusk at camp with a hell of a lot more people around and less coverage! Oh, and make sure you get the toilet paper ready before you drop your pants.

I won’t natter on for too much longer, just one last SAFARI TIP #3. Get a headlamp – they aren’t just for miners anymore. You can get some pretty funky ones at outdoors stores now and spend the money – don’t cheap out just because they are a little pricey. There will be plenty of situations where you will want BOTH hands free AND still want to see where you are – or more importantly where the monkeys/bugs/snakes are around you. On the plus side though, you generally know where the lions are even without the light 🙂

Happy travels!


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