Book Review: The Witness

I read a lot of different types of books and I definitely enjoy those books that you can pick up, read through, have a great time and not stress. Nora Roberts excels at these. Just the right amount of plot, character development, a small twist or two and a happy ending. Her latest “The Witness” is one of her non-trilogy books (thank goodness – the trilogy format is so pat) and has all the right elements. There is tension in the plot about a woman running and hiding for her life. The main female character is a strong character – something Roberts has perfected and so nice to read.  But, the main male character is no wuss either. The “bad guy(s)” aren’t too cookie cutter and she throws in an extra one for free which is a nice sideline. She has improved so much at cutting out the formulaic fluff that just makes you want to wince and has pared it down to just the story (or her editor has, whichever, they are to be commended). While the outcome is fairly predictable, the journey to get there is quite enjoyable!


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