Fun with cupcakes

As an adult, we sometimes forget what it’s like to have fun.  We enjoy things; we have moments where we are happy or content; we even get euphoric sometimes, but when was the last time you had unadulterated fun? Do you even remember what it felt like?

First, there is lightness of being. You just feel lighter all over. It’s so hard to describe because we carry all our worries and cares without even realising it. Even efforts to not worry or care is a serious business and weighs us down. When I had a cupcake in front of me and neon icing piping onto it, I didn’t even feel my feet.

Then, there is energy running through you. Because you are doing something that you love right at that moment, it’s like having a plug directly into a power source – you can do this forever! I just kept reaching for the next cupcake and the next icing colour.

But, lastly, and more important, you live in the moment. You don’t have a thought about what came before and the next moment isn’t even on the horizon until you realise all the cupcakes are gone.

And, at the end of it all, you have a box of cupcakes in front of you and you’re still grinning from ear to ear…..and you don’t care who knows.


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