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Meow! Here kitty, kitty, kitty.

Switching it up a bit today. This is another of my favourite pictures from my portfolio and it’s not of a horse. Note, I had to zoom way out to get this short, hence the vignetting. Let’s just say I was praying that the windows of the car could roll up fast!


Book Review: The Witness

I read a lot of different types of books and I definitely enjoy those books that you can pick up, read through, have a great time and not stress. Nora Roberts excels at these. Just the right amount of plot, character development, a small twist or two and a happy ending. Her latest “The Witness” is one of her non-trilogy books (thank goodness – the trilogy format is so pat) and has all the right elements. There is tension in the plot about a woman running and hiding for her life. The main female character is a strong character – something Roberts has perfected and so nice to read.  But, the main male character is no wuss either. The “bad guy(s)” aren’t too cookie cutter and she throws in an extra one for free which is a nice sideline. She has improved so much at cutting out the formulaic fluff that just makes you want to wince and has pared it down to just the story (or her editor has, whichever, they are to be commended). While the outcome is fairly predictable, the journey to get there is quite enjoyable!

Velvet Brown Horse

Continuing on with resurrecting my old portfolio, here’s a favourite of mine. Another friend’s horse who looks so beautiful and velvety in this shot.

Smile for the day

Saw this sign in Italy – someone has a sense of humour!

I love boats!

And to prove it, I take lots of photographs of them! I was extremely lucky to have travelled to Cinque Terre (UNESCO world heritage site in Western Italy in the Ligurian region) and as it was a coastal region, I got to see lots of lovely boats!

Fun in Black and White

Ah, photography!!! I forgot how fun it was to create great images. I accidentally took down my online portfolio and I couldn’t get it back up with the same provider 😦  So, I’m re-posting some of my old images here. I have a pony (see previous blog about jealous pony) and love photographing horses. Here’s my friend’s horse after a few hours in the darkroom (yup! the old fashioned way!)

Fun with cupcakes

As an adult, we sometimes forget what it’s like to have fun.  We enjoy things; we have moments where we are happy or content; we even get euphoric sometimes, but when was the last time you had unadulterated fun? Do you even remember what it felt like?

First, there is lightness of being. You just feel lighter all over. It’s so hard to describe because we carry all our worries and cares without even realising it. Even efforts to not worry or care is a serious business and weighs us down. When I had a cupcake in front of me and neon icing piping onto it, I didn’t even feel my feet.

Then, there is energy running through you. Because you are doing something that you love right at that moment, it’s like having a plug directly into a power source – you can do this forever! I just kept reaching for the next cupcake and the next icing colour.

But, lastly, and more important, you live in the moment. You don’t have a thought about what came before and the next moment isn’t even on the horizon until you realise all the cupcakes are gone.

And, at the end of it all, you have a box of cupcakes in front of you and you’re still grinning from ear to ear…..and you don’t care who knows.

Does my Pony get jealous because I’m taking swimming lessons?

I can’t swim. Can’t even float. You know the “dead man’s float” – well that’s me except I really would be dead and I would be sinking, not floating. So, I decided I would learn. For a lot of reasons, this was a good idea – not the least of which stems from midnight rides in a sandolo (small gondola) on the pitch black waters of Venetian canals without a life jacket while a rookie rower tried out the oars.

But this meant carving out an evening out of my week and less time for my horse. I love my horse and because he’s so strong and silent (almost never whinneys or nickers) I feel incredibly guilty when I skip a day with him. In all likelihood, I won’t skip my time with him, I’ll probably end up with option A – chicken with no head or option B – zombie. Meaning I’ll be running around like crazy trying to get stuff done or do it all late at night until my eyes shrivel up like little raisins and buckets of caffeine will be necessary.

In this case I do believe the ends justify the means. I can’t wait until I’m comfortable enough to venture out on the water without having to tell everyone in the boat that I can’t swim – who knows, maybe I’ll even venture INto the water.