Travelling for Business: Suits, shoes and ipad, oh my!

My last travel blog was travel in general with a lot of emphasis on FUN travel. I am not one of those that think travelling for work is fun. However, there is a certain amount of dark humour in it especially to those who don’t have to travel for business. As I prepared to travel to New York for a two and half day conference, I was speaking to my friend, J, who never has to travel for business, and in fact, doesn’t even have an office job (I don’t think she owns a suit), and who was laughing her head off as I agonised over wardrobe choices.

So there I was approaching packing with the military precision of an army being deployed into foreign territory. Ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration; I didn’t have to worry about food, just clothes. See, I was going to a business conference where the dress was business, not business casual. And the speakers were all high-powered and high-profile which usually means “dress up!”. But, I’m a girl. Never mind how much equality we have achieved in the Western world, we really can’t wear the same suit jacket 3 times in a row. We can get away with twice, but not back to back and only if we change something else quite noticeable – like a green shirt one day and a red one the next. So, what to wear and more importantly, how to cram it into my suitcase so it didn’t crease leaving me with ironing at the other end.

My lessons learned on this trip:

  • make sure the suits you take are interchangeable – jacket #1 will work with trousers #2 and same for jacket #2 and trousers #1. And once you get that sorted out, throw in a completely different third outfit just in case.
  • take shoes that will fit for everything you bring and make sure they are easy to remove and put back on for airport security. And then throw in an extra pair just in case.
  • take extra underwear – you never know what’s going to happen.
  • remember to leave room in the suitcase because you always get conference literature and it might even be good enough to bring home.
  • if possible, have all electronics use the same type of charger (yeah, right, like that’s possible).
  • take a snack like a granola bar that you can eat as you run for your flight and skip lunch.

happy travelling!


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