Eats: Focaccia (the restaurant)

Mmmmm, I love food.  Just thought I’d make that clear.

So, this is the second time I’ve been to this restaurant ( and yes, it’s still good. Sometimes you go to a place and you like it, but when you go back, it’s not so great? Happy to report that this one is good.

It’s a really small place just outside the Bloor/Yonge subway (Hayden exit) in Toronto and it is basic Italian – unpretentious and not fancy, just good. There is only one waiter, Larry, so the service can be a bit slow if you don’t specifically tell him you’re in a hurry. He’s personable and quite a character.  But he doesn’t annoy, he takes it to the edge, but doesn’t go over and he comes across as if this is his home and you are a welcome guest and please relax and enjoy.

This time, I was there to catch up with a girl friend and it was fairly early for dinner.  There was only one other person (woman) in the restaurant and she was sitting not too far away….So, Larry made a show of the daily specials so that we could all hear them at once.

We had the calimari, which was lovely grilled (not breaded or battered!!!) in a caper and peppercorn sauce to start and I had the veal ossobuco (which I do not see on the online menu). Instead of served on it’s own, it was on a bed of mashed taters covered in a rich mushroom sauce with the meat falling off the bone and the marrow easily accessible. yum yum. My friend had the salmon and said it was lovely as well.

We had to skip dessert 😦

And to cap it off, when it was time to leave, Larry, got our coats declaring it was time for the sugar coating!!!!  It took me a few seconds to get it too 🙂

Highly recommend for a nice, casual dinner at reasonable prices.


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