Hang like a monkey and chant ommmmmmm

Aerial Yoga. Sounds like a blast, no?  Well, it was. We were all beginners so the class was more about what to do and how to work with the “silk” than traditional yoga. Throw in a few giggles at the beginning for good measure too. You have to master the floss and cross first (more about that later), but, c’mon, if someone said to you that you could do a dancer pose while upside down and hanging hands-free, doesn’t that sound cool?!? Some things I learnt in the class:

First, just to clarify, it’s not actually silk. I love the stuff especially being Chinese and a girl, but am not about to stretch out like a plank 5 feet in the air in something that has been excreted from a worm. Not that trusting. All the equipment is rated for WELL OVER a person’s weight.  1000 lbs. Even my horse would be ok…..if he could do yoga.

Second, there are a few basics to know. Like how to get into the silk without trapping your hand beneath your butt or that just because you like the colour blue, doesn’t mean that’s the silk for you. So the first was the “floss and cross” – a pretty graphic secure pose. Basically, bunch up the silk so it’s like a rope and thread that between your butt cheeks (that’s the “floss” part in case you weren’t keeping track) and then cross your legs so that they are on opposite sides of the silk. You have to work pretty hard at this point to fall out, but it’s still scary to let go!!

Third, those artists that do the aerial acrobatics for a living deserve more money. Seriously. Just moving around from pose to pose or getting in or OUT of the silk requires more dexterity and upper body strength than I thought. And the whole thing requires core strength.

Fourth, once a person gets the hang of it, this will be seriously iced.

Favourite pose of the night: Superwoman flying down to rescue a cat

Check it out at http://www.p3yoga.com


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