….is the name of the restaurant that I and a friend ate at last night. We stumbled on it by chance as it was around the corner from the organic spa we went to as well! We were so hungry, we would have probably picked the first halfway decent place and we got lucky because Beast is definitely more than halfway decent. It’s a sharing menu and the items are a bit on the pricey side (average around $11, $12 per dish)….ok, yeah, this is not where you go for a quick, cheap meal, but it is where you go for fresh, innovative food.

They also use local grown and sustainable ingredients when they can which is perfect. (Although I’m not sure what is local down at King and Bathurst in Toronto! LOL)

We had 5 dishes (they recommend 2-3 per person): ricotta dumplings, bc octopus (the oysters were still on the plane), “poutine”, bone marrow, and mushrooms on toast. They were ALL good. How many times do you get to say that? Our faves were the bc octopus and the bone marrow.

The octopus (sorry, I forgot my camera) was slices of cephalopod with chorizo, potatoes and almonds heaped on top. It is rare that a dish that smells so enticing lives up to the delicate yet full aroma with the flavour. I could have eaten two.

The bone marrow was also rich with flavour. Bruleed on top with salt crystals, the marrow was bursting with flavour and seasonings. Every once in a while, a salt crystal would pop on my tongue. My friend and I restrained ourselves, but confessed to each other afterwards that we both thought about either licking the bone or chiseling off the crusty bits to savour.

The dining room was small and it wasn’t crowded on a Wednesday night. Um, interesting decor…not quite sure what the message was (naked, anthropomorphised animals laying in the grass), but it was a good place if you actually wanted to hear what your dinner company was saying.

Would definitely go again.


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