My first blog!

Yes, this is it. I’ve started to blog. With my life ever increasingly electronic, it made more sense to me to try to work with the flow rather than get swept down towards the rapids. Hence, I have not deleted my facebook account, I tried Twitter, I love and now WordPress. I hope somebody reads this otherwise it feels too self-indulgent and I hope the readers will be kind because for goodness sakes, I’m an engineer – I’m not supposed to know how to write!

Allright, well, as in computer programming where the first baby step is getting the computer to say “Hello World!” (do they still do that??), I’d better start with an introduction….or more of a teaser. I’ve had all sorts of ideas for blogging (or journalling as we used to call it). My horse is one source of amusement, although he’s quite an apathetic old horse and it’s really everyone else in the barn with funny issues! Then there are my friends who are a wonderful, brilliant bunch of people whose stories I can dine off of for weeks. It’s usual for me to require a flowchart or some sort of matrix organiser to keep track of which country they are all in and for one or two of them, it’s really not enough. A few of those friends have fertile imaginations that sprout all sort of seeds like the best topic for a new animal horror movie or the movie about renewable energy that should be made. Then there’s my photography. I am shameless enough to subject any innocent people browsing by my site to my photos. Although I will commit to editing them first. No offense to my friend that decided to take 9 months off of work and travel, but I’m NOT sitting down to 1000 photos with a running commentary.

As for me? Well, I think I’m a fairly typical Chinese Jamaican, horse-riding, environmental engineer who has had enough jobs in enough countries to have her CV described as “interesting” by everyone who reads it. And if I ever find another one of me out there, I’ll compare notes to verify the “typical” part. Happy reading.


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